7 Healthy Eating tips for Back to School


  1. When you buy fresh fruits wash them before you put them in your fridge. You’re more likely to eat them if they are prewashed.
  2. When you buy veggies such as carrots, celery, broccoli, cucumbers etc. put them in ready-to-go serving sized containers for quick grab and go       snacks.  For extra fun, prepare a side of hummus for dip in small dipping containers.
  3. Invest in an apple corer or peeler for quick and easy slicing for your little ones.  Apples may be too overwhelming without a little extra preparation.
  4. Leftovers can be great next day lunch meals, after dinner pack any leftovers in single lunch sized containers and put in fridge or freezer for your next quick meal.
  5. Go green and invest in a reusable water bottle and fill with water instead of packing juice boxes.
  6. Make home-made healthy snacks such as whole grain muffins with your kids on the weekend and add them to their weekday lunch.   You can also freeze them so they last longer.
  7. Have your kids help in their own lunch preparation, teach them about the importance of having a healthy well balanced meal. It can make the job easier and they may come to appreciate the effort that goes into preparing lunches if they have a chance to participate.

With any luck they may eventually take over the responsibility of making their own lunch!

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