A child’s first dental appointment

child_teethThe best way to achieve a positive experience for your child’s first dental appointment is to properly prepare them for it. Sometimes their greatest fear is the unknown. Helping them know what to expect can help them be comfortable and even excited for that first visit and following visits as well.

  1. Talk about it! Give them advance notice that they will be visiting the dentist and that it can be fun and let them know the benefits of going.  Dentists’ help their teeth stay healthy and that they too can help by brushing and flossing everyday.
  2. Roll play. Act out what it will be like, practice opening their mouth big like an alligator.  Let them be the dentist and you play the patient and vice versa.
  3. Let them know what to expect. The dentist will count their teeth and check if there are any “sugar bugs”. They may take a picture of their teeth, and they could even have a copy of it to take home.
  4. Reward! They get a toy, this is the best part, they can pick a toy out of the toy box and even get a new tooth brush to take home.

You know your child best if you think there is anything the dentist and/or team can do to make their visit a better one let us know.  We are happy to help in any way possible.

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