Dental Technology

Dr. Lord has ensured some of the most technologically advanced equipment is available to her patients at Logan Creek Dental. Our dental technology includes:

Sterilization Room

  • A hospital grade sterilization centre that meets CSA and OSHA standards
  • A hospital grade instrument washer
  • The latest instrument sterilizers
  • Sterile cassettes kept in a special tower
  • A water filtration system for the office
  • Laser for procedures you will not feel
  • Precise, zoom Intraoral Cameras
  • Advanced computer software
  • Computer screens mounted at the foot of the chair for patient viewing
  • Digital imaging system
  • Safe, modern digital radiography for the teeth and jawbone
  • A separate and sterile water system for each dental unit
  • Oral cancer screening equipment

We are dedicated individuals ready to serve you and explain all about our high tech equipment.