Patient Care

Patient Care

Whatever your situation, and regardless of what other dental work may be in progress, keeping time for the re-care or check-up appointment is critical for your oral health. This is our long-term plan, and you will enter from any of the eight stages:



Once you’ve entered into our care, our goal is to encourage you into a routine of healthy at-home dental practices and regular re-care appointments to prevent you from having to revisit the minor, major or emergency phases of our patient care program.


Sometimes referred to as a check-up, a re-care appointment is one of the most important visits you can make to our office. During the appointment your medical history is updated, the teeth, including the roots, are cleaned and the dentist performs an examination of all areas of your mouth including the gums and the teeth. Regardless of what other dental needs you may have, keeping current with your re-care appointments, be it every 3, 6, or 9 months, is critical for your oral health.

Basic Restorative

For patients diagnosed for basic dental and gum work only, the patient can proceed quickly to a dental cleaning followed by any additional necessary procedures.

Major Restorative

Patients diagnosed with a need for major work, such as crowns, veneers, bridges, orthodontics and implants, will receive a more comprehensive examination including:

  • digital photographs
  • digital radiographs
  • models and bite analysis

Once a thorough interpretation of these results are completed by the doctor, a treatment plan especially for you will be presented at a complimentary follow-up consultation appointment.

Cosmetic Procedures

Cosmetic procedures address needs┬áthat don’t necessarily present a physical health hazard but can have an impact on our self esteem or emotional well-being. At Logan Creek Dental we know just how important a beautiful smile can be to our patients.


In addition to traditional braces, patients now have teeth straightening options including Invisalign devices or other appliances.

Periodontal Care

Patients with extensive gingival issues will require several and frequent appointments to control bacterial infections of the gums and bone.


Some patients will require extractions or other minor surgical procedures such as biopsies.

Emergency Treatment

Nobody likes being in pain. At Logan Creek Dental, whether you’ve visited us before or we’ve never met, we want to help you get your teeth and gums back into a healthy state as quickly as possible. If you’re having a dental emergency, please do not hesitate to contact us.