The guys in Blue want your Green

houston-traffic-ticketWhat to look out for at 64th Avenue and 200th Street.

Almost everyone in Langley drives thru the intersection of 200th Street and 64th Avenue.  As a dental office on one of the busiest corners in Langley we see a lot of action.  It seems that lately the guys in blue (our dedicated RCMP officers) are spending more and more time at our intersection looking for traffic violators.  They hide behind bushes seeking the chatty cell phone talkers, and are ready to catch you off guard in order to collect some of your hard earned green bucks.  We do promote upholding the law and complying with driving safety, we also highly recommend to all commuters to put your technology down and travel safely.  Instead of risking a high dollar ticket may I suggest checking out our dental quotes of the month!  They are displayed on the south side of our building on 64th Avenue.  Give us a call and book your next dental appointment but remember use blue tooth or your hands free device to do it.  Take Care and Drive Safe!

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